400 Free Kontakt Libraries – Instruments & Patches

We have searched the web for the best Free Kontakt Libraries – Instruments & Patches that add up to over 400 free instruments to use with Kontakt.

Free Kontakt Library Instruments & Patches
Best Free Kontakt Libraries

Tutorial: How to Install Kontakt Library Patches

Best Free Kontakt Libraries

Instructions: Click each link below and look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Please note: Some of these patches may only work with the full version of Kontakt.

1. Free Kontakt 6 Player – The free Kontakt player is a free application that runs all Native Instruments’ Kontakt instruments, as well as a large number of instruments from other companies.

2. Project Exodus – 127 Instrument free Kontakt patches – Project Exodus is an epic free Kontakt library for electronic musicians, film score composers, sound designers, and anyone else looking to add that earth-shattering cinematic feel to their music or video projects.

3. Total Composure Orchestra – The Total Composure orchestra is a full orchestral sample library created using only samples that are in the public domain. Total Composure is the first to offer such a library exclusively for the Kontakt format; making use of Kontakt’s scripting capabilities to greatly enhance the playability, realism, and functionality of these public domain samples.

4. Sonatina Symphony Orchestra for Kontakt – Over 38 Kontakt library patches. Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra is a free orchestral sample library.

5. Keyboard Instruments – Over 39 Pianos, Electric Pianos, and Organs Kontakt patches.

6. Amore Grand Piano – The free amore grand piano for NI Kontakt.

7. Brass – The alpine brass instruments have received a massive update.

8. WoodWinds – English Horn, Clarinet, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Oboe, Piccolo, Bassoon, and Saxophone.

9. Strings – 4 Kontakt patches: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass.

10. 9 Instruments – Nanga, Toy Piano, Vibraphone, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Rhodes, Banjo.

11. GM Midi Instruments for Kontakt – Over 128 free Kontakt library general instruments.

12. Electric Piano & 15 Instruments – Very good free pianos converted to newer selected formats with the authors’ approval.

13. D. Smolken’s Double Bass for Kontakt – Double bass for Kontakt made by Bigcat Instruments using D. Smolken’s samples.

14. Bigcat Saxophone Collection (6) – Saxophones for Kontakt made by Bigcat Instruments.

15. Yamaha PSS-390 Sample Pack – Toy Keyboard Bass Station is a free pattern pack containing a set of multi-sampled bass instrument patches in WAV format and a set of instrument mappings for NI Kontakt 5. All the included sounds have been created with the Yamaha PSS-390 toy keyboard and recorded by means of a compact tube preamp.

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16. 29 Sample Libraries – All Pettinhouse Sample libraries for Kontakt.

17. Upright No. 1 – Designed as a lightweight sketching piano. The VS Upright is the number one clean sampling of an upright piano. The standard of homes, small clubs, and studios around the world. With a broad dynamic range and a bright, clear tone, the upright can still display a soft side when needed.

18. Acoustic Guitar – Free acoustic guitar for Kontakt made by Pettinhouse.

19. Cryptar – Acoustic guitar samples.

20. The Blanchet 1720 – Using this soundbank in a sampler, you can play a virtual harpsichord copied after an 18th-century French instrument by Blanchet.

21. Free Sample Libraries – We intended to gather here on our servers a collection of free instruments and samples.

More Free Kontakt Libraries

The following links require an email address in order to download:

1. Jerry’s Pianos – Enhance your mock-ups with Jerry’s Pianos – dual Steinway Grand Pianos recorded simultaneously at the Sony Scoring Stage. Concentrating on the lower range, we sampled sustains and staccatos to enrich your mock-ups and add unique character and detail to low-end passages.

2. 2 Orchestra Instruments – You love the warm and massive sound of a full symphonic orchestra, but normal Plug-ins either sound too thin or cost too much? We’re giving away these new – totally free.

3. Vowel Ensemble – A free Kontakt patch to make choirs.

4. Sample Science Free Kontakt Instruments – A collection of 31 Kontakt 5 instruments taken from released and upcoming SampleScience sound libraries. In this pack, you’ll find retro analog basses, FM synthesis keys, early sixties computer-generated sounds, and chiptune tones.

We hope you enjoy these free Kontakt library instruments.

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